• Lis Clegg

7 surreal things that happened in stable yards

What's the strangest non-horsey thing that's happened to you in the yard? Here's

a few of mine

  1. The yard goat regularly breaking her tether to join in with firemen running past on fitness training.

  2. A pony being stolen through a hedge and put in a Transit van. (The pony was later recovered, by the way)

  3. A white stag appearing through the mist on a dark, frosty morning.

  4. Pygmy goats climbing all over the barn roof and sliding down the front of the stables.

  5. A patient from a local care home walking into the hay barn, sitting down, lighting his pipe and refusing to move. Obvs, the other liveries scarpered.

  6. One dark night a man drove into the yard and climbed a field gate. When challenged he said: 'call the police and I'll bury you'. Nice...

  7. A rainbow stretching right over the fields. This happens a lot.

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